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TIL appointed economic and technical advisor to Dock-to-Door rail freight start-up Holdtrade Atlantico SAS

Holdtrade Atlantico is a green-field rail freight operator that will establish the first commercial rail cargo services in Colombia.

The business was founded by UK-based investors, backed by US rail group Iowa Pacific Holdings and Columbia's biggest logistic provider OPL Carga.

The Company has already secured track access rights, and has pre-committed cargo volumes for a "Dock to Door" multimodal rail/road freight service in Colombia:

  • 468 mile corridor using tracks owned by the Colombian government, and recently subject to 120m USD investment upgrades to track and infrastructure
  • Services will connect the container port at Santa Marta with La Dorada
  • The corridor catchment area represents 90% of Colombian GDP
  • Holdtrade Atlantico has secured track access rights for up to 10 trains every two weeks until 2029 (additional capacity can be increased)
  • Initial service of 4.5 trains per week
  • 50% of initial train capacity already pre-sold to Colombian logistics group OPL Carga
  • Rolling stock will be supplied by South African Genrail Pty Ltd
  • The Company plans to seek growth capital to commence operations during 2019 via London-based crowd-funding platform "Envestors"

TIL looks forward to working with the Holdtrade Atlantico team to develop the project.

At a glance:

  • Route length - 468 miles
  • The first commercial cargo rail in Colombia
  • Track gauge - 3 feet [914 mm]
  • Fleet size Phase 1 = 2 locos + 51 container flat wagons
  • Capacity per train - 90 x 40-foot containers
  • 50% of initial train capacity already pre-sold to Colombian logistics group OPL Carga.
  • Track access agreement - 10 years
  • Planned service - 4.5 trains per week Phase 1, right to run up to 22 trains per week
  • Track authorities:
    • ANI National Infrastructure Agency (through a subcontractor) - state rail infrastructure company
    • FENOCO railroad and port
  • Project investors:
    • Greenwich Railways [UK]
    • OPL Carga [Colombia]
    • Iowa & Pacific [USA]