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TIL United Kingdom & European Union Rail Freight and Cargo Database and Market Insight

Railfreight continues to grow across Europe and with liberalised markets, operators continue to take advantage of further opportunities to grow their businesses.

We believe railfreight operators are an often over-looked asset class, with significant growth potential, but they are also exposed to both structural, economic and regulatory influences.

As a result of market changes, the number of locomotive and wagon providers and lessors has increased and these too have become an investable asset class for both transport operators and investment funds.

However, it is not a well understood market to many financial sponsors and transport operators.

Therefore, we have built up what we believe to be a unique database of data and insights into the railfreight industry across the UK and mainland Europe.

From this database we can provide

  • Company history and backgrounds – ownership history, growth story, volumes, contracts
    • Can be provided for operators, locomotive lessors & wagon providers
  • Company Financial and operational performance
  • Historical Financial and operational KPIs
  • Detailed information on international freight flows by commodity and / or operator
  • Detailed information on internal freight flows in UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium (others can be added on request)
  • Detailed information on wagonload and trainload flows across Europe
  • Information on railfreight hubs / customers across Europe

The database can also be used to calculate

  • Weekly, monthly and annual tonnage for individual flows / operators
  • Weekly, monthly and annual train movements for most of the medium and large operators
    • Estimates of utilisation are then possible
  • Number of freight movements per day, week, month through a multitude of locations across Europe (together with details on the commodities carried and operators)

Our database includes:

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Austria
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Scandinavia
  • Time series data
  • Loco fleet
  • Wagon fleet
  • Train routings
  • Cargo composition
  • Tonnage and traffic volumes
  • Train paths
  • Train operator
  • Utilisation estimates
  • Market share